The religion of Wall Street – Why so many people give their allegiance to the green god

People all over the world have started worshipping money and have dedicated their entire lives earning more thinking it would make them happier. This greed and obsession over currency is fueled by fear, social pressure and validation of progress that we would get from others.

Imagine standing next to a bottomless pit. The pit represents your expenses, bills, and consumption. It is never ending and you are slowly slipping into it day by day. The only way to stay on top of it, is to constantly throw money in it. But how much is enough? And will you ever be free from it? 

We live in constant fear of falling into this pit that earning money has become an obsession. Money is no longer seen as a basic good. It’s no longer about having enough to get by, we need to amass huge amounts of resources in case something unexpectedly happens. In case we lose our job, move away, decide to go on a holiday, or simply out of worry that once we retire we won’t have enough for basic needs. 


Financial freedom : just another illusion ?

This fear could be justified by wanting to achieve financial freedom, however, what usually happens is that once this status has been achieved, you get used to the new lifestyle and you want more. It is a part of human curiosity to explore the limits of our time.

We won’t be here for long, so why not see if we, as well, could have the luxurious lifestyle of a celebrity. 

I think we could sum up this article with the favorite expression of my friend Maxim, today owning a nice trading portal (ironic, no ?)  moneyonlinethai. He’s always saying : traders are kids, just big kids with means and power with their unachieved child dreams.

With everyone striving for the dream life, we enter a competition between ourselves. Money has become a status symbol, a way to show progress and that even though our lives might be in ruin, by having more money, we are doing better. After all, it is far easier to measure progress with quantifiable goods like money, then to measure the quality of relationships we have with our loved ones. Am I a better friend now compared to previous year? It’s not easy to say, but comparing financial power of an individual over the course of few years is a much easier task. Because of that, human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns.

By surrounding ourselves with material goods, we enjoy the validation we get from our peers. Driving an expensive car, owning a huge house and going on vacation four times a year are all great things, however, the pursuit of happiness through money and financial power has turned into a somewhat financial arms race. This obsession of having more, or that is, never having enough, is due to wanting a quick fix, wanting instant gratification. Once it runs out, we go back for more. And because the pit is a dangerous place, we reach out to the green god in hopes of getting us as far away from it.


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