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Euronet 50/50max

Roll-out of 50/50 initiative to unclock energy saving in schools and other public buildings

The significant results obtained with Euronet 50/50 project as well as the rising interest on 50/50 concept led to the development of a new project proposal: Euronet 50/50 max, that has been selected in the last call of the Intelligent Energy Europe program.

Euronet 50/50 max continues and extends the actions started with Euronet 50/50 project. This new Intelligent Energy Europe project will last 3 years with the aim to extend 50/50 methodology based on split incentives to save energy between users and managers of public buildings. There are 16 partners from 13 different European countries involved.

Euronet 50/50 max will implement 50/50 in at least 500 schools around Europe (primary and secondary) and to around 50 other public buildings, extending the number and typology of buildings engaged on saving energy with 50/50. The project will focus also on improving and extending educational materials and tools related with 50/50 and will strategically extend 50/50 to integrate it in related policies and plans. Important energy savings are expected as a result of the 50/50 actions foreseen in the public buildings involved in the project. More sustainable energy behaviors will be promoted in order to reduce the use of energy and to contribute to the mitigation of climate change at European scale.

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