EURONET: Finance, Innovation and Growth.

The EURONET director, Mariana Mazzucato has the following to say:

Seven European Institutions collaborated to come up with a research organization called EURONET.   The company’s main objective is getting insights into the rapid changing financial markets, economic performance and innovation dynamics. We have worked together with policy makers and the European industry educating them more about their sources and how to manage both positive and negative transformation in the financial markets. Our aim over the years has been to come up with means in which the financial markets can be amended in such a way that they pay keen interest and back innovation and future growth. We have comprehensive policy messages in our Policy Briefs for further clarification. On the 2nd Feb 2012, EURONET presented key results at a conference in UK Parliament with speeches made by David Willetts – Minister of State and Chi Onwurah – Shadow Science Minister. EURONET researchers continue to work on new projects and collaborations with organizations such as AIRNET and INET grant despite the termination of the European Commission’s 3 year FP7 funding in March 2012. These organizations work hand in hand to create a relationship between finance and innovation through the work of Joseph Schumpeter and Hyman Minsky.