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The Euronet 50/50 has increased with a new Project:  Euronet 50/50 max. 500 schools and 49 public building applying and disseminating the 50/50 concept around Europe. They together with the European local authorities’ tackling climate change with the 50/50 concept. Ckeck the new website:

EURONET 50/50 project has been working during three years (2009-2012) to engage schools in a 50/50 NETWORK around Europe with the aim to save energy reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change. With 50/50 everybody wins: the school has an incentive to save energy getting more money for its activities, the facility managers (eg. city councils) have less energy costs and overall there are less CO2 emissions released to the planet.

58 schools have been involved implementing 50/50 methodology and have achieved these results (2011):

  • 6900 pupils, teachers, caretakers and 43 city councils working together tackling for climate change
  • 40 (70%) schools have achieved energy savings.
  • 339 t less of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere!
  • More than 1.100 MWh not used!!2.100 € saved per school!!!

Take a look at the video or Euronet 50/50 project in the schools of Barcelona province!

You can access all the other videos of the project in: Euronet5050project - you tube

Project leader

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